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April 21st, 2017.

Dear members of the Recording Industry Association of America,

Today we commemorate the one-year passing of the legendary artist, Prince. His music transcended time, his image paved the way for other provocative artists and his rebellious ways changed the industry forever – as you are all well aware. For it is you that created the Parental Advisory Label (PAL) in reaction to his explicit lyrics on the song: ‘Darling Nikki’.

Now, 32 years later, everyone who’s ever bought an album knows the PAL. But, do they know that it was just one artist who inspired this type of explicit boundary-pushing music? Do they realise there would be no Frank Ocean, no Beyoncé, no Justin, Lenny, RiRi, The Weeknd, Pharrell or Bruno Mars without the legend that died on April 21, 2016?

In the name of music lovers everywhere, we ask you for one simple change.
A change that we think would represent an unending tribute to him, particularly as his genius would then continue to live on through the album covers of the new generations of daring artists. A change that only a creator of his grandeur deserves:

Change the black and white PAL mark to Prince’s famous color.

Parental Advisory Label


Darling Nikki